Easiest Juicer to Clean - Ceado ES-500

Clean Juicer = Happy Juice Customer

Ceado ES-500 

Let's face it, cleaning a juicer is no fun.  Especially when you are cleaning a commercial juicer because many commercial juicers require a special tool just to get the basket out and ready to be cleaned.  The designers at Ceado understand the problems facing a juice bar owner today.  They know that the health and safety of their customers is a top concern for juice bar owners.  They also realize that the juice bar employees are super busy and don't have time to keep track of a tool in order take care of cleaning the juicers.  

The Ceado ES-500 is the perfect solution for small to medium juice bars who want to make it easy to keep their juicer clean.  Don't worry busy high volume juice bars, the Ceado ES-500 has a big sister that is just as easy to clean, the Ceado ES-700.  What makes these two juicers so simple to keep clean is the magnetized hub.  Simple pull off the basket and juice bowl and run it under warm water to clean it out.

es700 easy to remove basket for cleaningThe Ceado ES-500 has a smaller basket than the ES-700.  There are only 5 pieces to remove for cleaning. The best part is that because of the magnetized hub there is no tool needed to clean the juicer. They can easily be rinsed between juices to keep your juice fresh for your customers and easy for your employees.

Buy the Ceado ES-500 now and see how easy it is to serve fresh juice to your customers!

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